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Hit and miss service. If you get the owners son. Then your will have an ok level of service. He helped us by asking us to try on each item and also have us washing and care instructions. Said we could try the clothes on again at home and any problems to come back to them. A few days later I went back as wasn't happy with one of the items and that's when I had my problems. The owner was there. A throughly rude and ignorant man. Didn't greet us when we went in. We walk up to him and he just looked at us as if we were an inconvenience. I asked to exchange the item that I wasn't happy with. And he told me that I couldn't as there was nothing wrong with the item. I showed him that the item wasn't the same shade as the rest, to which he advised that not every item would we be the same colour and that I couldn't return it exchange it. That was it. Then he carried on doing something behind his till and ignored us. I asked when his son would be in and he just shrugged his shoulders and said later. I had just spent over £200 in his shop and this is the level of service I received !!! Was not happy at all. Left my whole experience with a sour taste. His son was so polite and helpful a few days before. The shop was busy and still he made the effort to ensure we was happy. And this old man a few days later who has a empty shop so no excuses. Was rude, arrogant and pigheaded. I would have rated the shop 4 stars if it wasn't for the old man. I will find another provider when I need to update or replace the items next year. If I go into Rupens again it will be if that old man isn't in there.

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