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STAY AWAY!!! This shop is always mega busy. Have been going there for over 4 years and my last experience on Friday was the worst ever. Disgusting service: The big boned guy served me - I purchase a t-shirt for an 11 yr old and was asked big or small 11 yr old - replied small and also asked for a tape measure at 10am (the first person through the door and only 3 people behind me) and was told "i don't have a tape measure.

SERIOUSLY!!! You're a uniform shop, how can you not have a tape measure.

I did ask for a tape measure when i purchased the top initially - his day the old guy then butted in (when he was serving another customer) and said well you should have measured it and i kicked off with him saying i did ask for it and you didn't have one - he then points to new ones that they were selling and says you could have purchased one. I was livid and asked why they couldn't open the bleeding thing and save me a double trip. The old man ran his mouth and i promised myself i would never step foot in that shop.

Was told that i can bring back and change if the size is wrong - which it was so i came back within 30 mins and queued up in a busier shop. Same guy served me and i asked for a larger size - which i was given and he asked me for £1 more - I genuinely didn't have any cash of me and he wanted to charge £1 for a card transaction when i'd spend £19 on card less than 30 mins ago. I was leaving my driving licence as assurance that i will be back with the £1- which he declined and then offered my bank card - again he declined. I gave him my word and he said no you have to come back and exchange when you have the money. I asked if i would have to queue up again and he said yes.

Absolutely ridiculous.... i wasn't going to run away with his £1. Lucky for me an extremely lovely lady that was being served beside me gave me £1 to pay the guy.

Stay away from these petty people who don't know the first thing about customer service. ZERO STAR RATING!!!! I have no choice but to select 1 star for it to post this review   09-09-16
Tags: Meads lane, Rupens School Wear, Uniform shop